All children know they can get away with just about anything at grandpa and grandma's house.

Eating many sugary desserts, staying up late, and hearing plenty of stories are just a few of the rules when visiting!


This adorable canvas print lists just a few of the rules most grandparent's have when the kids come to stay.


Personalize with whatever title you go by: Grandparent's, Nana and Papa's, or maybe just Grandma or Grandpa. This print will show just how fun your house is!


  • Measures 18" W x 24" H
  • Canvas material stretched onto a wood frame
  • Ready to hang or rest with ease
  • Personalize with a title using up to 15 characters
  • Your personalization will replace the word 'Grandparent's'

Grandparent's Rules Canvas Print

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$45.25Sale Price
  • List all specified as follows:


    On Line #1 , list Title exactly as you wish it to read.

                      (ie: Grandparent's, Nana and Papa's, Grandma's, etc)

    (up to 15 characters)


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